Community-Driven Research and Monitoring


Human impact and climate change repercussions on the Arctic environment are immense and felt right across the entire Hudson Bay and James Bay region, often having cumulative and multi-community effects. Supporting self-determination for northern communities in monitoring, research and environmental stewardship is a key goal of the Hudson Bay Consortium and the Community-Driven Research and Monitoring Working Group.

Communities identified their research and monitoring priorities at the 2018 and 2022 Hudson Bay Summits and Regional Roundtables; this Working Group is now focused on moving from priorities to action for community-driven research and monitoring, through identifying funding sources directly accessible to communities as well as resources, support training and tools for data collection and project management that can help communities lead programs addressing their outstanding priorities. There is an emphasis on collaboration between the community and organizational representatives in this group to enhance coordinated research and monitoring efforts across the greater Hudson Bay and James Bay region.

Working Group Leaders: Maude Durand and Erin Abou-Abssi, Oceans North