2021 Eastern Hudson Bay/
James Bay Regional Roundtable

2021 EHBJB Roundtable Cancelled

After careful consideration we are rescheduling and reformatting the upcoming East Hudson Bay/James Bay Regional Roundtable, and as a result, the previously scheduled meeting for Jan 18-20, 2021 has been cancelled. While this was to be a virtual event hosted online only, the Hudson Bay Consortium Secretariat had also been helping to organize spaces with adequate bandwidth where community members could participate safely while following public health guidelines; public health restrictions have recently been enhanced in ways that further impact the ability of Hudson Bay communities to safely gather and participate in the Roundtable, requiring the cancellation of this event. We will post further announcements, updates and scheduling of the alternative events here as they become available.

A regional initiative of the Hudson Bay Consortium, the roundtable will bring together coastal communities and Indigenous organizations from Nunavik, Eeyou Istchee, Mushkegowuk Aski and Nunavut (Sanikiluaq), regional and Federal agencies and any groups interesting in the long-term stewardship of the region. There is no fee to register and participation is open to anyone, though individuals are to respect the vision statement and guiding principles on which the Hudson Bay Consortium was founded.


The roundtable meetings have been exciting and engaging events for sharing knowledge among neighboring communities, free of political lines on the map, for the benefit of the region as a whole. This roundtable meeting will focus on themes including: community-driven research and climate action, protected areas, communications and fisheries. Building on the work the HBC community has done so far, this year’s meeting will continue to support collaboration efforts between communities, regional organizations and governments while discussing successful frameworks and projects around the Eastern Hudson Bay and James Bay region. The meeting will include informative presentations from regional organizations on the research work currently underway and also from representatives of Protected and Conserved Areas.

To facilitate broad participation, the HBC Secretariat will be coordinating with community representatives and regional organizations to confirm a safe space with adequate bandwidth for community members to participate from while respecting public health guidelines. The meeting will keep the roundtable approach over video conference with translation options available. Please feel free to contact us if you need support to participate in your community.

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