The Hudson Bay Summit
FEB 27-MARCH 1, 2018

2018 Hudson Bay Summit Report

The Hudson Bay Summit was a huge success! Watch the highlights video here:


Following a long history of efforts by communities, organizations and interested parties in the greater James Bay/Hudson Bay region towards sharing knowledge and coordinated environmental stewardship, the inaugural Hudson Bay Summit will bring together these groups to formally create the Hudson Bay Consortium and move forward on activities and outcomes for environmental stewardship including Communications, Protected Areas, Coastal Restoration and Environmental Monitoring.

The Summit will build on momentum by a recently established East Hudson Bay/James Bay Regional Roundtable and ongoing successes of the Western Hudson Bay Roundtable, and bring these groups together to consider the Hudson Bay/James Bay region as a whole. Additional details on the history of background efforts, previous meetings and details on the approach of the Hudson Bay Consortium can be found on our website here:

Travel support is available to facilitate participation by northerners that do not have organizational support. Register now or contact us The deadline to register for the Summit is Jan 17th. Additional funding is now available for travel support, requests will be considered while funding remains available.

Focus Areas

The Hudson Bay Summit will focus on a variety of cross-cutting themes and priorities relevant to Indigenous communities, with a focus on Indigenous-first approaches related to environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and community well-being. This includes protected areas and coastal restoration, community-driven research and monitoring, communications, Indigenous knowledge, education, and working together across the complex jurisdictional landscape of the region.

The Summit will explore the above themes with a holistic approach that considers the interconnected nature of ecosystem and community health, food security, cultural identity and lifestyle.


  • Formally establish the Hudson Bay Consortium through signing of Terms of Reference
  • Deliver a report on priorities for coordination of protected areas efforts across jurisdictions
  • Deliver a report on issues affecting coastal ecosystems and priorities for restoration
  • Deliver a report on regional priorities for community-driven research and monitoring of climate and environmental change indicators
  • Establish Consortium working groups on key themes
  • Raise public awareness on the importance of the greater Hudson Bay / James Bay region
  • Delivery of a working document on priorities and next steps for the Hudson Bay Consortium
  • Improve networking, communications and access to reports and information of ongoing activities throughout the Greater Hudson Bay / James Bay region

Draft Agenda

The Hudson Bay Summit will take place over three full days from Feb 27th to March 1st 2018. Broad participation is anticipated from northern communities, indigenous organizations, nonprofits/ngos, industry and all levels of government. A banquet celebrating the creation of the Consortium is also planned for the evening of March 1st, along with cultural activities/entertainment. A number of high profile keynote speakers are being invited. To submit ideas for posters, exhibitor booths or other suggestions, see the participation page. Themes and workshops are listed below, a detailed Program will be provided when available.