2014 Ottawa Planning Meeting


This meeting in Ottawa on December 9, 2014 began the planning process for forming a Consortium. Broad participation from 100+ key stakeholders indicated a clear need and shared goals for creating a Hudson Bay Consortium for the future environmental stewardship, sustainable development and inter-jurisdictional governance of the Greater Hudson Bay Region. Stewardship and integrated management in Hudson Bay has been difficult due to inter-jurisdictional challenges of research, governance and assessing cumulative impacts of development projects. Despite being a critical habitat for communities and wildlife and having strong economic development opportunities, the Hudson Bay region remains one of the least funded and understudied regions of Canada and one of the few still lacking an integrated governance structure. To address these concerns, an inter-jurisdictional consortium for coordinating advocacy, research and environmental governance structure needs to be formed. The Hudson Bay Consortium is proposed and supported by the communities, organizations and governments.