The Hudson Bay Consortium
Planning for the future of environmental stewardship, sustainable development and inter-jurisdictional coordination connecting the greater Hudson Bay ecosystem.

2020 Progress Report

The Hudson Bay Consortium was formally launched in February of 2018 at the inaugural Hudson Bay Summit.


The Hudson Bay Consortium (HBC) is a collective effort of the communities, organizations and stakeholders from around James Bay and Hudson Bay. As a forum for sharing knowledge, the HBC is made up of regional roundtables and a summit (every four years) bringing together hundreds of participants and representation from every community around the two bays. Together, the group works to steward the land, the waters, the sea ice and protect the flora, fauna and people inhabiting the region.

The HBC is guided by a Steering Committee, an open and inclusive group that includes individuals who have formally joined as members by providing a letter of support and were appointed by their communities or organizations. Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved with the Steering Committee.

How We Work

The Hudson Bay Consortium is a forum for sharing knowledge with neighbours coordinating through regional meetings, a Summit every four years, working groups and ongoing engagement of newsletters and informative tools like SIKU. The HBC is guided by a Steering Committee – which is open for organizations and communities to appoint a representative – and informed by a variety of Working Groups.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the Working Groups.



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