Career Opportunity: HBC Director of Operations

The Opportunity

The Hudson Bay Consortium is seeking an independent contractor to serve as the Director of Operations for its Secretariat on a full-time basis. The successful applicant will have a familiarity with northern Cree and Inuit communities and culture and will embrace the opportunity to support Indigenous self-determination through Consortium events and initiatives. This position requires a self-starter with excellent administration, organization and communication skills who can work independently and help further develop the Hudson Bay Consortium to meet the vision and needs of its membership. The ability to foster strong relationships throughout various Arctic, marine and research networks will be critical to the success of the position.

The Consortium

The greater Hudson Bay and James Bay region is a critical ecosystem for wildlife and communities that rely on them. Its historical significance is rivalled only by its huge potential for further economic development; yet it remains one of the least funded and understudied regions in Canada, lacking an integrated governance structure. Inter-jurisdictional challenges continue to complicate research and stewardship efforts. The Hudson Bay Consortium is a collaborative effort among communities, rights holders, Indigenous organizations and all levels of government to work together towards a shared vision for the region, including knowledge-sharing, sustainable development, coordinated research and monitoring, integrated regional stewardship and Indigenous-knowledge-informed management.

Additional background on the Hudson Bay Consortium is available online:

Role and Responsibilities

This position is supported through coordination with the Chair of the Hudson Bay Consortium Secretariat and liaises regularly with Working Group Leaders, Steering Committee members, Arctic Eider Society personnel and various stakeholders to advance Consortium initiatives and activities. The Director of Operations has primary responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the Hudson Bay Consortium, including:

  • maintaining distribution lists and regular communication, consultation and collaboration with communities, rights holders, regional organizations, governments agencies and non-governmental organizations;
  • overseeing Consortium administration utilizing task management software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, the SIKU app (, video conferencing and online document management;
  • administrative support for the Consortium Steering Committee and Working Groups, which may include scheduling meetings, developing agendas, taking meeting notes and reporting on activities;
  • producing Consortium communications, including emails, correspondence, newsletters, reports, website content and social media posts;
  • leading planning and task management for Consortium events including Consortium Roundtables (every other year) and the Consortium Summit (every 4 years);
  • assisting in fundraising through grant/proposal writing and reporting;
  • coordinating with the Chair of the Secretariat to develop and implement a 5-Year strategic plan, annual work plans and associated reporting; and,
  • other duties as needed.

Additional Details

The duties of this position can be satisfied from the contractor’s home location, with only occasional travel for Consortium events expected. Required hours of work are anticipated to be full-time (40 hours per week) and scheduled during regular business hours in the Eastern Time Zone, however, flexibility in the desired schedule of the contractor will be accommodated to the extent practicable. A 2-year contract term will be offered to the successful candidate with an hourly rate of $35-45 CDN, commensurate with experience.


Please direct any questions and submit your resume and cover letter below to the attention of Ryan Barry, Chair of the Hudson Bay Consortium Secretariat