A wide variety of support is available to facilitate participation by northerners and indigenous organizations, including free or reduced registration.

Translation will be provided as needed and lunches, coffee breaks and and evening banquet will be provided (breakfast and dinners otherwise on your own). Additional support for airfare and accommodations may be available based on assessed need, please contact us for details.


Organizations and researchers are encouraged to contribute posters about their work. Posters will be displayed around the meeting room for the duration of the Summit. A PDF may also be submitted for inclusion in a slideshow that will play between workshops.

Deadline for Poster Submissions is Feb 9th 2018.



A limited number of exhibitor spaces are available for a cost of $1,500. Exhibits will be located in the main coffee break flow-through area for the duration of the Summit. Please contact us for more information and to confirm an exhibitor booth. Due to limited space, exhibitor booths will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Become a sponsor. Working together to address shared priorities is an overarching theme of the Hudson Bay Summit. In order to meet this challenge, broad participation and support from individuals, local and regional governments, academics, non-profits, industry and other players is needed. The Hudson Bay Summit is bringing a diverse group of participants together in Montreal to formally launch the Hudson Bay Consortium and work together on planning for environmental stewardship across the region. Becoming a sponsor will give your brand exposure to Inuit and Cree community members and leadership, non-governmental organizations, academic researchers, and numerous federal agencies. Sponsor a meal, coffee break, contribute to our travel fund to bring youth, elders and hunters to the meeting. Please contact us for more information


We want to hear from you!

Since the Summit will be mainly workshop based, presentations will be primarily limited to key-note speakers. Opportunities will be provided to share your perspectives and priorities in workshops, discussions and at the poster sessions. If you have suggestions for key-note presentations or other ideas, please let us know.